Celso Da Costa Hamelink Fashion Consultant

Celso Da Costa Hamelink, in love with the world of photography and art concept. He worked for different worldwide brands like a Head of Communication Strategy, PR, International Consultant and for international publishing groups like a stylist collaborator. Obsessed with aesthetics, his world basically loops around images, colors, silhouettes, architecture and design. His favorite hobby is definitely watching people & travelling because it helps him to pick up the different essences of a variety of cultures which immediately inspires him to play the Art Director/Stylist.

International PR & Communication Consultant
Dates Employed Oct 2017 – Present
Employment Duration5 mos
Location: Berlin & UK
Working with the Jewellery Brand MyriamSOS developing projects in different fields
International Consulting for Buying Gemstone, Online Retailers – Communication – PR – Press & Celebrities.
Bringing together a strategy for online retailers, communication with the top stylists, embracing artists, influencers and press.

Editor In Chief
Company Name: WOW Berlin Mag
Dates Employed Oct 2012 – Present
Employment Duration 5 yrs 5 mos
Location: Berlin Area, Germany
WOW Berlin Mag it’s an online platform what brings up high exclusive fashion content & art direction the project involves constant work with the writers and the coordination of the photoshoots and trends material of the season, always connected with online journalist, artists, bloggers, it girls and influencers, to delivery exclusive content to the followers. A vast contact with brands and PR agencies, models agencies, bookers, photographers, managers, beauty artists, events, press events, make part of a daily routine.
Image Edition, Photoshop, Excel, Mailchimp, Power Point, Works, SEO, Analytics, Social Media.

Personal Shopper & Fashion Consultant
Company Name: Celso Da Costa Hamelink
Dates Employed Jan 2012 – Oct 2017
Employment Duration 5 yrs 10 mos
Location: Berlin Area, Germany
The long journey in the fashion industry brought me by accident to image consulting and personal shopper by request of artists and private clients.
This is a joyful hobby job helping out clients from many backgrounds (artists to business or red carpet events) take the right decision of style, to achieve the impact what they desire in their personal life & career.
It is an inspiring job with a personal formula of right colors, cuts and fabrics adding the clients needs & character+lifestyle, I am able to delivery a new refined functional wardrobe.

International Communication Consultant
Company Name: Lana Mueller
Dates Employed Jul 2016 – Jan 2017
Employment Duration 7 months
Location: Berlin Area, Germany
International Fashion Consulting Project Middle East.
Project to the brand Lana Mueller to be insert in Dubai, during 6 months we work together to establish a bridge with a Communication Agency and Sales Showroom to start an expansion to the Middle East,
I organised and follow the negotiations and the contracts with the new partners in Dubai to the presentation of the brand to the Press of Middle East.
Taking care of press filter, event management, pre selection middle east sale hotspot, private sale influencers, photbook production, show & backstage organization.

Trend Hunter Specialist /Buyer
Company Name: Inditex
Dates Employed Nov 2012 – Nov 2014
Employment Duration 2 yrs 1 mo
Location: Madrid Area, Spain
International Trend Hunter Buyer Europe Area
Travelling 3 to 5 days week around several destinations in Europe, hunting down new trends, and buying different articles regarding style, colour, trend, material and cut. Daily reports to the head of the women design department. The task include weekly goals and trend reports including images, qualities, buying, report on street style, what is the next trend.
Excel Reports, Image Reports, Image Edition, Word, Microsoft Outlook. Trend Book Report.

Content Manager
Company Name: MT Performance GmbH
Dates Employed Jan 2012 – Aug 2012
Employment Duration 8 months
Location: Berlin Area, Germany
Creating and Developing Management of High Quality Content for High Luxury Market for many online platforms with the latest trends of industry sports, lifestyle, fashion, technology, working with a team of 10 different writers & journalist. (SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA, ANALYTICS)
High Creative Content Development was my main task bring the team together to write the best articles and stories.

International Consultant
Company Name: ic! berlin
Dates Employed 2010 – 2011
Employment Duration1 yr
Location: Berlin Area, Germany
Consulting on different levels ic-berlin! German Sunglasses Brand to insertion in the Brazilian Market – Design Marketing Research to Brazilian Market, Logistics, Trade, Branding, Event Management in Brazil for the launch to the Press & VIPS.

Project Manager
Company Name: Álvarez Puga & Asociados
Dates Employed Feb 2010 – Jul 2010
Employment Duration 6 months
Location: Mexico City Area, Mexico
Project Management Launch Gucci Group brand Brioni in the Mexican Market
Bring the concept and atmosphere of the International Brand to Mexico, engaging the new members in the team with trainees and workshops for Visual Merchandising and Sales.

Fashion Stylist
Company Name: OK! Magazine
Dates Employed 2008 – 2009
Employment Duration 1 yr
Location: Madrid & UK
Free Lance Stylist working with artists from different backgrounds for OK Spain & Ok UK, travelling and coordinating photoshoots for lifestyle, fashion, gastronomy.

Fashion Stylist
Company Name: Neo2 magazine ( Ipsum Planet publisher )
Dates Employed 2007 – 2009
Employment Duration 2 yrs
Location: Madrid Area, Spain
Free Lance Stylist
Celebrities Project for NEO 2 – Actriz Elena Anaya, Actriz / Singer Najwa Nimri for NEO 2 Cover – Cover Danila Poliakov – Juanjo Ballesta Interview – DOVER Musician Interview- GoGo Bordello – Trends Editorial

Director Of Public Relations
Company Name: Carabia Showroom
Dates Employed Aug 2007 – Sep 2008
Employment Duration 1 yr 2 mos
Location: Madrid Area, Spain

The director of the Carabia Showroom invited me to open their communication and pr department in an established Fashion Commercial Showroom in the heart of the High Fashion are in Madrid.

The project brought me a good freedom to try my experiences and chalenges to work with a small team of 4 people where we together launch the Communication & PR for new Italian & Luxury brands who are part of the showroom commercial department portfolio.

Our main challenge was building a up a very strong connection and relations with the Spanish Press & TV. The jobs brought me back to the daily contact with the press of many backgrounds including full relationship with many Artists and Managers, building up a strong product placement of the brands of the portfolio. The team and I were constantly creating new solutions for the events and improving strategies to have our voices out in the press and internet. One of the most important target were red carpets events, where combine with good artist we made many brands and products well placed. Press Day & Events Organisation of all brands of the portfolio, including events in big venues for around 3.000 people, including fashion shows, press day, brand anniversary, Louis Vuitton Valencias Cup, Alberto Guardiani Anniversary Party in Milan, Andrew Mackenzie Show in Milan and after party.

Press Office Andrew Mackenzie (Milan Fashion Week) – Sergio Rossi (Grupo Gucci) – Baldinini(grupo Mariela Burani) – Arfango (Grupo Prada) – Roen (Milan Fashion Week) – Melody Maker – Alberto Guardiani – Tremp – Ape Pazza – PROJECT – E.vil, V Valentino.

Marketing Director
Company Name: Gloria Coelho
Dates Employed: Dec 2005 – Jul 2007
Employment Duration 1 yr 8 mos
LocationSão Paulo Area, Brazil

During the 3 seasons what I worked in the brand had to engage in many projects of the company, the main one was developing 3 marketing, pr and communication plan for the brands of the maison, and implement the intern communication working together with 14 different departments including production and quality control.

The main goal/task of this work was to be in constant contact with all the departments of the company bringing everyone together improving communication making every project be delivered with the high quality standard expected by the designer.

Developed new strategies of improvement in communication for the flagship shops with workshops, create new partnerships with the brand and important corporative names, organised the fashion shows and several events in different countries Sao Paulo, Barcelona, Tokio, Hong Kong, Moscow. Control of intern PR Manager and PR Communication Agencies.

I was in charge together with the Commercial Department for the International Wholesale events, fairs and Showroom in Paris, New York, Honk Kong. Full network contact with international buyers and concept shops. One of the main important things controlling the budget and sponsors what were collaborating with brand.

Public Relations Manager
Company Name: The Gallery Room Communication
Dates Employed: May 2004 – Nov 2004
Employment Duration7 mos
LocationMadrid Area, Spain

PR Manager Project for the launch of Warner Bros Fashion Brands: The Power Puff Girls; Batman; Super Man; Twetty and Silvester combining different partnerships with popular fashion designers from Europe

PR Account Executive
Company Name:Agencia Réplica
Dates Employed Apr 2002 – Apr 2004
Employment Duration: 2 yrs 1 mo
LocationMadrid Area, Spain

Daily contact with Spanish Press & TV from different backgrounds like Lifestyle, Fashion, Economy, Culture, Beauty, working in PR field for different luxury international brands like cosmetics, fashion, stilography, beverages, technology & corporative & high fashion events.

Working in straight contact with theAgency Directors, Manager Director and other 5 Executives Account bringing new PR & Communication strategy, together developing new events structures and presentations, I was taking control our agency had 30 fashion clients showroom PR where we had daily visits from Press, Artists, Celebrities, Stylist, Photographers, Art Director. Our brands were wear by many artist in red carpets events.

Organization – Development -Production “Campaign & Photo Books” (Multi Opticas – Nescafe – Loewe Perfumes)
Press Office: Celine (LVMH), OMAS (LVMH), Amaya Arzuaga (Pré-a-porter), Victorio&Lucchino, Alain Mikli, Pirelli, Kickers, Soto Network Group, Angel Schelesser, Roger Vivier, Escada, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Perignon.

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